We strive to create the highest quality programming to address the needs of all participants of A+ Squash.

Here are the key programs we host throughout the year:

A+ Squash

Squash is at the heart and core of our programming. We host practices 5 days a week to teach the fundamentals of squash including strategy, strength and conditioning, drills, and a box league. Those skills are then tested on the court during summer leagues and tournaments.


As a priority in our academic programming, A+ Squash is committed to exposing students to STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) activities and training. With that goal in mind, A+ Squash has organized an A+ Robotics team based on the LEGO Mindstorm program (LEGO’s youth robotics education program).


A+ Girls dAY

This year we hosted our first annual Girls Day! This is a day to show appreciation for our A+ Squash girls. This is a day to remind our girls that they are fully capable of achieving all of their goals on and off the squash courts! 


Community Service

Community Service is the foundation of the mission of A+ Squash . Through Community Service, students get the opportunity to see firsthand how their positive contributions impact other families in their community, as well as their own.

Junior Tournaments

Our students participate in junior tournaments throughout the city. We are excited to participate in national and regional tournaments soon.