CourtTech USA joins the A+ Squash Family

 A+ Squash is excited to announce a new partnership with Atlanta-based squash court builder CourtTech USA. This relationship is poised to be an exciting venture that will help to expand the squash game in the city, making it more accessible to all and an incredible boost for Squash in the Southeast.

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CourtTech USA is the #1 squash court builder in the country. With projects ranging from coast to coast and 40+ courts being built each year, CourtTech is achieving their goal of bringing squash to all one build at a time. The company’s team is comparatively young and full of passion for making squash accessible to all generations and socioeconomic groups. For this reason, when CourtTech found out about Atlanta’s own urban squash program, they immediately reached out.

“Our mission as a court builder is to bring access to the game, one court at a time,” CourtTech USA president Andrew Bailey said. “We believe A+ Squash is accomplishing our same goal, in a part of the country that needs the sport most of all and in the city that matters most to us.”

A+ Squash Executive Director, Telvin Debnam, eagerly welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with CourtTech.

“I am delighted to be working with such dedicated partners as CourtTech. Like us, they are committed to bringing the game of squash to diverse and underserved communities, and A+ Squash is excited about the new possibilities this partnership will bring.”

Armed with the passion for change and the knowledge that squash is scarce in the Southeast, the two organizations are hopeful for what this first-of-its-kind partnership will bring. Where A+ brings the platform, opportunity, and community Atlanta needs to embrace the squash game, CourtTech brings the experience in expanding the sport and the enthusiasm in sharing their connections and expertise. Atlanta can officially keep its eyes open for squash to become a popular sport in the city, as well as an outlet for our city’s youth.

Future goals for this partnership include hosting more events for A+ Squash to show off their talented students, team up in contributing to community service projects, and bringing more squash courts to Atlanta. For more information on CourtTech USA, go to: