A+ Squash Girls Day 2016

A+ Squash is dedicated to the development and encouragement of the young ladies on our team, which is why we host an annual, "Girl's Day." Squash is a male dominated sport and we have made it our goal to remind our girls that they are fully capable of achieving all of their goals ON and OFF the courts!

It was a phenomenal experience being able to interact and encourage these young girls who are in touch with their Black Girl Magic!
— Kea Westmoreland (Girl's Day Volunteer)

This year, our programming included a "Black Girl Magic" panel that gave our girls the opportunity to meet some incredible women who are movers and shakers in Atlanta. From entrepreneurs, lawyers, business women, authors, doctors, and an Atlanta Hawks cheerleader these ladies inspired the A+ Squash girls to pursue their dreams. With vision boards, squash practice, mock court cases, and team building activities the goal of this day was to empower, encourage and uplift.     

Girl’s Day let me put my kid cap back on! It was fun being around such smart and energetic young girls. They are at the beginning of their journey and I was happy to listen and encourage them to pursue their aspirations.
— Deborah Acio (Girl's Day Volunteer)