The Eben Hardie Memorial Fund

Eben was the consummate supporter of squash and as a founder of A+ Squash, he combined his love for the game with his passion for helping others.

Eben served as Board Chair of US Squash, President of SESRA and was instrumental in the growth of the game in Atlanta.

Squash will miss him.

From US Squash

Eben Hardie, III, a longtime squash leader in Atlanta, died on Sunday, suffering a heart attack in his sleep. He was sixty years old. Hardie was the chair of the board of US Squash in 1999-2001.

Hardie was born and raised in New Orleans. A strong tennis player, he played tennis at the University of Pennsylvania. His coach, Al Molloy, also led the squash team and persuaded Hardie to pick up the sport. Hardie played on the junior varsity and then the varsity. As he said years later at a Penn squash event, “I  found a game and a group of people with whom I have stayed friends my entire life. There is no better group of people than squash people, and I say that as someone who has continued to compete on a national and regional basis in squash and tennis, and spent a lot of time in golf circles. And as I have traveled to every town in the U.S. and Canada, I have always had a friend in those towns that played squash, and whose hospitality and friendship was unquestioned. It changed my life. For the better. Significantly.”

An industrial real estate developer, Hardie was a strong leader in Atlanta squash, at the Piedmont Driving Club and with the Southeast Squash district association. He also was a national leader, guiding US Squash at a critical time. Hardie was also a top player. In singles he won the men’s national hardball 30+ in 1990 and 1992 and the softball 40+ in 1999; in doubles, he won the men’s national 50+ in 2010 and 2011 and the Century Doubles open division in 2013.